Putiton (プットイットオン)


ブランド名は Bob Marley の曲「put it on」から由来します。


"Growing together"をテーマに子育てを楽しみながら日々こどもたちと共に成長しようと情熱を注ぎ好奇心を失わない父母とそのこどもたちに、世代・人種・国を越えた地球のFamilyに日々の豊かなライフスタイルのお手伝いをしたいと考えています。

● サイズ展開:キッズサイズ 85cm〜140cm 大人サイズ S/M/L

● 首都圏2店舗の直営店、その他、都内はもちろん日本各地の小売店・誌上通販等で販売しています。

Inspired by the Bob Marley song "Put it On", the putiton kids clothing brand was established in 1995. With 20 years of experience in the children's clothing business,

we care a lot about making comfortable garments with colours and silhouettes that instil a love for peace and nature and also enrich the mind. We also incorporate the latest trends into our basic items for everyday use and manufacture a wide range of fashionable products for the next generation. We are enthusiastic about enjoying the child-raising experience and "growing together" with our children on a day-to-day basis. Based on this concept,

we aim to help enrich the daily lives of the children and their forever-curious mothers and fathers around the world, irrespective of age, race, or nationality.



Green hillは青々とした小山、Green applesは未熟な青いリンゴ、New green leavesは芽吹いたばかりの新緑。






● サイズ展開:70・80cm

● 首都圏2店舗の直営店、その他、都内はもちろん日本各地の小売店・誌上通販等で販売しています。

Green is a baby brand that was established in the year 2000. When we think of the colour green, we might imagine rolling green hills, unripe green apples or other elements of nature such as new green leaves and foliage. We also like to refer to babies as being "green" - they are full of life just like new buds emerging from the earth where everything is a delightful surprise as they feel with all their senses the warmth of the sun, the gentle winds, the chirping of birds, and the natural world that gives them life. The mums and dads too are born again as proud, doting parents, experiencing something new and wonderful everyday with their newborn. We have developed our line of baby wear and baby accessories from a baby's perspective, using only the softest, safest, and most comfortable materials without sacrificing any sense of fashion. We hope that you enjoy the goods we produce just as much as the gift of life itself.


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